Monday, June 27, 2011

Why social search fails, reviews are bad and share buttons are boring

It's cool, everybody is talking about: social search hype!
Was anybody thinking about what this really means?
I'm looking for informations about a specific topic - so far so good.
Normally I ask big-G and it shows me informations depending on relevance to my search request and informations found on websites.
But now it goes to "social-cycle" and search result depends on twitter-tweets and 1+ of friends and known persons. So informations preferred which are liked and tweeted by persons I know.
What does this really mean? I get informations and sites which I already know very often.
Hello! Guys! Anybody there! Social cycle is a cycle! I don't need informations that I know because I was reading the tweets of my friends and an so i know this website from tweet of my friend! I also talk to people in real world about my interests and if someone of my friends find some nice informations which are maybe interesting for me he will let me know!
What about informations which are interesting for me but from persons which are not in my social cycle or brand new informations not already found by someone of my friends? They are banned to lower positions!
I don't need informations from my social cycle because the chance that already know this information is very high - I'm part of my own social cycle and this means part of containing knowledge and informations!

What about reviews of local business?
Nice to get most and best reviewed places but what about the unknown insider tips? If I visit a restaurant with good and many reviews and I also write a good review and many other people doing same the restaurant becomes more and more good reviews.
Nice - isn't it? No!
Because close to this restaurant opens a new one. So it has no reviews. How to get found by people? No reviews means bad ranking means no guests means no reviews and this closes the cycle!
Happy new social cycle world!

And what the hell about the button overkill with "like", "1+", "bookmarks", "tweet"?
Ok it's nice to show that I've found something that I'm interested in. But hey!
I leave a comment, click "like" to share on facebook, click "1+" for google, bookmark on digg, StumbleUpon, Sphinn, LikedIn, tweet the topic and link on twitter and send to my friends a link via mail.
And this I do 3 or 4 times per day, 5 day's a week every month, every year.
Is there a better way for wasting my time?
And now Big-G is looking for my shares, tweets and likes and 1+ to find out which sites are maybe interesting for my social cycle to show up this site on request - but sorry I was faster than Google because I've tweeted, liked, 1+ed, bookmarked, emailed this site to my friends - and hey maybe there are some people out there which are talking about this topic in real world while drinking a cup of coffee....

Where is the sense of all this?
A cycle will be always a cycle!